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Pisco - Artesanos del cochiguaz

Pisco - Artesanos del cochiguaz


Pisco - Artesanos del cochiguaz (700 mL)

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Los Artesanos del Cochiguaz

Los Artesanos del Cochiguaz’s Pisco is now available in a variety of proof levels. This one is bottled at 35apv. Aged 6 months in oak barrels, it’s a very light, brassy yellow in color.

The nose is rich and floral...not bad at all. Alcoholic and earthy, but not heavy, a benefit of the lighter proof level.

On the tongue there is a surprising sweetness here. This Artesanos pisco has a very mild character and lots of caramel, citrus and evergreen notes.

Very drinkable,

Most popular ways to consume it are as: Piscola (pisco and cola), Pisco Sour, and as a shot (sugar rimmed shot glass, lime or lemon wedge)

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