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Moa - Pale Ale beer 5.5% Bottle (4Pk)

Moa - Pale Ale beer 5.5% Bottle (4Pk)


Moa - Pale Ale beer 5.5% Bottle (4Pk) (375 mL)

While the intensity of the typical Nelson hop bitterness is well presented in Moa Pale Ale, there are also luscious sweet malts and bright passion fruit flavours. Offering a heightened complexity, this exceptional beer displays flinty and mineralistic characters. Moa Pale Ale is best served at approximately 6˚C in a tulip glass.

2 x Golds - Asia Beer Awards
Bronze – Australian Intl. Beer Awards
Brewers Pick – Josh B. A. Scott reckons

• Tea cured tuna with shaved horseradish and lemon zest in a tree-ring cone.
• Lamb shanks on carrot & Swede mash.