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Moa - Original Beer 5.0% Bottles (12Pk)

Moa - Original Beer 5.0% Bottles (12Pk)


Moa - Original Beer 5.0% Bottles (12Pk) (330 mL)

Moa Original is an easy drinking, European style pilsner with a medium to high level of bitterness. Ester levels are low, and a slight hop aroma should be detected. The finish is dry as a result of the bitterness and the high level of attenuation. Moa Original is best served in a pilsner glass at approximately 6˚C to maximise aromatic release. A beer for any occasion.

Gold – Brew NZ Awards
Silver – Australian Intl. Beer Awards
Silver – NZ Fruit Wine Awards
Bronze – Asia Beer Awards

• Fried pork cutlet with sweet miso sauce.
• Tom yam kung soup with coconut milk, lime and seafood.

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